Square Features


Square Features




Here is a single-page summary of features: Commerce Sync - Square Sales Sheet  

Automatic daily sales transfers
Commerce Sync will automatically transfer all of your sales activity, every day. There is no cap or added cost for the number of sales we sync each day, month or year. You are not penalized for growing your business!

Sales by Category 
Transfer sales information into distinct income accounts based on the categories you’ve created in Square without additional setup.

Sales Tax
Commerce Sync records your tax liability with all sales, whether you use a single, combined or multiple effective tax rates.

Gift Cards
Your Square gift card purchases and redemptions are tracked in a custom liability account automatically.

Automatic deposit reconciliation
Square settlements are recorded as deposits when they occur. This includes all payments, refunds, fees and other activity such as Square Capital. Pair with QuickBooks' bank feeds to automate reconciliation! 

Daily sales summary
Your activity is transferred in a single invoice that captures all sales for the day, with tax, tips, discounts and gift cards recorded as separate line items in separate QuickBooks accounts.

Payment methods
Each tender type you accept - such as credit cards, debit cards and cash - is tracked with your sales activity. Split payments are also supported.

Full and partial refunds are recorded individually to simplify reconciliation.

Multiple locations 
Whether you have two or two hundred locations, we will transfer all of your sales information into the same or different QuickBooks accounts. It’s up to you!

Simple setup, robust settings
With just a few clicks, you’ll be ready to eliminate manual data entry and start transferring the very next day. Fully customizable at any time.

Offline transactions
If your internet connection goes down, Square keeps working offline and so does Commerce Sync!

New Feature! Sales by Customer
This exciting offering allows you to track sales on a per-Customer basis. Perfect for service-based businesses, such as construction, salons and health / wellness providers.


Square Pricing


Square Pricing




Simple pricing that fits your business. No hidden costs or surprises. Cancel at any time.

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Square FAQ


Square FAQ





Question: Which accounting solutions are currently supported?
Answer: QuickBooks for Windows (Desktop) Pro, Premier, and Enterprise 2012 or later.

Question: Can Commerce Sync transfer previous sales information??
Answer: Absolutely! Click here to get started.

Question: Will I have to sign a contract?
Answer: Never. 

Question: When will I be billed?
Answer: Billing will begin at the end of your free trial period, plus we'll send you an email three days before billing begins to remind you!

Question: Can I cancel my subscription?
Answer: Of course, but we hate to see you go! Click here for steps to uninstall the Commerce Sync app on Square.