Our accounting had become a nightmare before Commerce Sync, but now we use the time we save to focus on running a successful business.
— Central Avenue Paper & Print


Features You Will Enjoy With Commerce Sync

Automatic daily sales transfers
You'll never have to remember to sync your sales - we automatically transfer all of your sales information, every day. Plus, we don't limit the number of transfers!

Sales by Category 
Transfer sales information into distinct income accounts based on the categories you’ve created in Square.

Tax rates 
Commerce Sync can easily transfer your tax information - whether you use a single, combined or multiple tax rates.

Gift Cards
Your gift card sales and redemptions are tracked automatically.

Payment methods & split payment support
Each payment method you accept, such as cash, check, credit cards or gift cards, is tracked with your sales transfers. Split-payments are also supported.

Offline Transactions
If your Internet connection goes down, Square keeps working offline and so does Commerce Sync!

Credits and full or partial refunds are transferred as individual records to simplify reconciliation.

Multiple locations 
No matter how many locations you have, we can transfer everything into the same or different QuickBooks accounts.



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