Commerce Sync now supports transferring Customer information with Stripe charges and refunds into QuickBooks and Xero. Until recently, we rolled up all Stripe charges for a given day into a single Daily Summary invoice. Now, when you enable Customer Detail, we instead take all of the charges for each customer on a given day:

And transfer them individually into the accounting package of your choice (QuickBooks Online is depicted here, but QuickBooks Desktop and Xero are supported as well):

The customer's email address as it appears in Stripe is used as the basis for entering information into QuickBooks / Xero. When the customer-by-email address doesn't exist, we create it; if we find it, we use to populate invoices and refunds. This avoids any confusion arising from duplication. Additionally, Stripe charges and refunds that do not have a customer are rolled together and applied to your default customer account ("Stripe Customer" is set by default during activation).

Last, transferring Stripe deposits works the same as before, except now you get a better look at your customers all the way to the bank:

Benefits to Stripe Customer Detail include:

  • Making QuickBooks work better with your current CRM system
  • Tracking aspects such as customer loyalty or donation amounts
  • Enjoying better visibility into your business

Activating and Managing the Feature


Customer detail is currently in pilot. Once you've signed up for Commerce Sync, send a note to our Customer Experience team or get in touch via chat in the lower left corner of your screen. We'll enable the feature behind the scenes for you and get back in touch to see how it's working for you!

Special Offer for Non-Profit Organizations

We are now offering a special program for non-profit organizations that use Stripe. If this applies to you and you're interested, contact us today!