This post by guest contributor Sam Aubin, Partner Marketing Specialist, Right Networks

The retail industry has changed so much over the past few years.  With modern day POS applications like Square, Clover, and Stripe the purchasing process is simplified for retailers and for the consumer.  No longer are you seeing bulky cash registers when you walk into stores, instead you are met with someone holding a tablet ready to swipe your credit card. Your customers want to feel secure when they hand over that card, and you want to keep your financial data safe. Security and backup, among other features are great reasons to cloud-enable your QuickBooks Desktop and Commerce Sync.

Here’s even more detail on what you get when cloud-enabling your QuickBooks Desktop:

1. Security

Week after week, it seems, another major company hack hits the news. It can be easy, even tempting, to tune this out or to think that your information isn’t at risk or isn’t “important” enough to be the target of a security breach. Reputable cloud providers encrypt communications, and have sophisticated firewalls and backup systems in place that most smaller organizations can’t achieve on their own.

2. Backups

Cloud solutions don’t just protect you from outside intruders or events. They also bring your security through backups by providing protection against a natural disaster, like a hurricane or fire, or even an electrical outage that brings your local servers offline.

Disasters can also hit on a smaller, though no less devastating scale. An employee leaving a water bottle open in their carry-on – or perhaps having a laptop stolen out of their rental car – is no longer a major problem when you’re running your small business in the cloud.

3. Simplicity

Running the traditional, local instance of your accounting software is a lot of responsibility. And it might not feel that way until there is a problem. But when there is a problem, your entire business is at risk. IT burdens like network maintenance, security patches and upgrades, and application upgrades all take time and energy. With a managed cloud environment, you get away from playing IT consultant (or paying IT consultants) and get back to helping your local customers.

(… All Together Now…) Productivity

Being cloud-enabled makes it easier to run your business.

When you’re not maintaining IT systems, running backups, or chasing down client files – productivity is sure to rise. With your newfound time, you can be more strategic in your retail offerings and spend more time doing what you love.

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