Husband and wife team Chris and Erin Flora knew they wanted to create a business together someday. Erin had surprised Chris with a home brewing kit, but with the long hours Chris worked in the restaurant industry, he found he had little time to hone the craft. Erin decided to try her hand at brewing and found she had a knack for it. As she continued to create recipe after recipe of delicious beer, the pair knew this might be their chance to create the business they had often talked about. They teamed up with Chris’ brother, Greg, to help manage the business and Sweet Taters was born. As the second business to open in the Rocky Mount Brewmill development, Chris and Erin loved that they were able to bring their dream to life in an amazing building overlooking the Tar River – and that they were part of a project that would bring their community together. 


With a background in the restaurant industry, Chris knew he wanted to automate as many of the back office tasks as possible so his crew could spend their time on what they did best – making delicious food and beer. With endless possibilities in front of him, Chris focused on the automation that he knew would make a huge impact – and accounting rose to the top of the list. As he began researching solutions that would help him accomplish his goals of an automated back office, Chris discovered Clover. 

See how Sweet Taters Restaurant and Brewery use Commerce Sync to track Sales by Category and discover new growth opportunities.