DC’s Suicide Squad rests on the premise that a team made up of super-villains band together to carry out dangerous black-ops missions for the government, each bringing their own powers, skills and strengths.

Running a small business might not be as high-stakes as a black-ops mission, but it comes close. Having the right people on your team can mean the difference between success and failure. Great entrepreneurs know that they can’t bring about business success on their own — they need a group of high-performing people to support them.

Here’s a list of some of the Suicide Squad characters and why you should add their real-life counterparts to your team.

  • Amanda Waller is the government agent who oversees the Suicide Squad. Ruthless, ballsy and sort of a genius, she’s smart enough to keep the villains in line. Every small business needs someone like Amanda who will be blunt and assertive when necessary, manage employees and suppliers with discipline, and sniff out any BS.
  • Enchantress is actually an artist who is turned into a powerful sorceress that can heal and teleport after a magical encounter. Think of her as your “fixer” — someone who does all the annoying little tasks that are easily forgotten and always seems to be able to fix a problem with a smile and a “What’s next?”
  • Deadshot might be a cold-blooded assassin but he’s also an exceptionally talented marksman with a specialized skill set. Every small business needs experts — accountants, lawyers, bankers, etc. — to keep operations kosher and poised for growth.
  • The Joker needs no introduction and neither does his small business world counterpart. This is your highly creative, driven and outspoken employee who thinks outside the box and comes up with captivating ideas that might pay off big-time.
  • Harley Quinn was a psychiatrist who fell in love with one of her subjects, the Joker. In the grips of her insane devotion to him, she refashioned herself as a super-villain. Every small business owner needs a cheerleader who will encourage and support them through good times and bad.
  • Batman shouldn’t really even be in Suicide Squad — he’s a superhero, not a supervillain. But, he gets roped into the plot via The Joker. Batman is also Bruce Wayne, the suave and sophisticated billionaire industrialist whose status makes him privy to all kinds of inside information. Possibly the most important person on this list, you’ll need a mentor or insider who understands your industry, including: trends, market research and competitive positioning. This person should understand the marketplace and be willing to keep abreast of changes as they happen so your business can adapt quickly.