Blackwolff Knives is a standout member of the Smoky Mountain Arts and Crafts Village in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Hunters, fishers, knife collectors and tourists love stopping in at this cozy shop to place custom orders with owner and artisan Ted Wolff. Ted and his wife Kathy also stock a small selection of higher-end knives and heirloom pieces made by local artists. Blackwolff Knives is a place to come and marvel at the work of a master, and if you’re lucky, chat with the master himself! 


Ted Wolff has always been a craftsman—and his wife Kathy has always worked alongside him, handling the business and bookkeeping end of things. After they both retired, Ted rented a 700-square foot space with another artisan he met at a local craft fair, and found that there was a huge demand for his custom knives and sheaths. In 2010, Ted and Kathy realized their business was “growing faster than we’d ever expected,” and decided to move into their own space. They’ve never looked back and their biggest concern now is keeping up with the number of orders. Knives as unique as the ones Ted makes take a lot of time and care.  


Kathy had used QuickBooks Desktop for 20 years and Square Point of Sale (POS) for several months when she and Ted began their new venture. With the orders coming in, Kathy realized she needed to find a way to link her Square and QuickBooks accounts instead of spending hours a day on manual data entry. She still wanted to be able to run the end-of-day functions and file forms on time, and so she began to search for a solution. After researching an email she’d gotten from Intuit, she decided to go with their recommendation—Commerce Sync.

See how Blackwolff Knives has continued sharpening their business while eliminating manual data entry all together with Commerce Sync.