Rise & Shine Biscuit Kitchen and Cafe is Denver's only biscuit-based, all-day restaurant. With zero experience or background in the food industry, owner Seth Rubin introduced Denver to one of the most cherished cornerstones of Southern Cuisine—the buttermilk biscuit. Seth and his team insist on traditional techniques—they bake in small batches and incorporate butter by hand. Loyal customers feast on Seth's contemporary takes on the classic, like chipotle honey, curry or mixed berry, and heavenly breakfast sandwiches with eggs, cheese, sausage and bacon. 


Seth Rubin left Virginia for Denver over 10 years ago but he never lost his love for a flaky, buttery Southern buttermilk biscuit. For years, the Chapel Hill, North Carolina native baked biscuits to fuel Saturday morning bike rides in the mountains. After noting that the breakfast market in Denver was booming, in 2010 Seth turned his hobby into a business. He first tested his concept out of Basil Doc's, a local pizza joint, and then quickly expanded into another Basil Doc's location. Rise & Shine Biscuit Kitchen and Cafe opened their first standalone restaurant in June 2015. Starting with a limited schedule and menu, Rise & Shine has become such a neighborhood favorite that they've expanded their hours and their offerings—including the popular Biscuit of the Day, inspired by Seth's adventurous spirit and his Southern roots.  


Rise and Shine Biscuit Kitchen and Cafe has grown and flourished with all the challenges of running a successful small business. Seth realized as the business grew, he was spending more and more time on accounting tasks and not enough time in the kitchen or on ideas to fuel the growth he envisioned. He knew that integrating Square and QuickBooks would help him eliminate some work, so he began searching for an app that would free him from crunching numbers and manually entering daily sales data.

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