“In a small business like ours, every hour saved is an hour that can be used making a sale and acquiring new customers. Commerce Sync is a first step to automating your accounting.”


We first checked in with Little Jenna’s Grooming in South Riding, Virginia in 2015. They were a brand new, husband-and-wife run venture providing unique, stress-free services for four-legged clientele and their owners. By creating a customer experience that goes beyond what people expect from a grooming salon, Little Jenna’s has more than doubled their client base. They’ve added another full-time groomer to the team and plan to open a retail location in 2016.


Ashleigh and Nathaniel Lopez always loved animals and dreamed of one day owning their own business. In June 2014, Ashleigh and Nathaniel opened Little Jenna’s Grooming—named after their standard poodle—and vowed to do things differently then typical grooming shops. Their appointment-only business provides them the opportunity to get to know each animal and their owner while providing exemplary service. The one-on-one environment reduces pets’ stress and online booking makes for an easy, hassle-free experience for pet owners. To create the level of service for each customer, Nathaniel and Ashleigh knew they’d have to eliminate as many manual processes as possible. After talking with a Bank of America representative, Nathaniel signed up for the all-in-one Clover station. Shortly after, he activated Commerce Sync from the Clover app market. Nathaniel was amazed at how little time he spent getting crucial information. It only took a few minutes to look over sales information from the previous day and reconcile the bank account. Little Jenna’s was able to save over three hours each day— time they decided to spend focusing on customers and building a community business.


Creating positive experiences for pets and their owners has paid off for Ashleigh and Nathaniel.  In 2015, they were serving about 120 clients a year. Now, they’ve grown to over 270 clients a year. Business is growing so steadily that they were able to hire their first full time employee in November 2015. A new bookkeeper frees up even more time; they’ve been able to invest back into Little Jenna’s by upgrading shop equipment and purchasing uniforms. Even more exciting? They’re working on plans to open their first retail location. Commerce Sync was one of the first accounting apps Nathaniel tried and he’s become such a fan that he’s explored other time-saving apps. Because Commerce Sync scales with businesses as they grow, Nathaniel knows that they can keep their processes the same even as sales increase. Who knows what else 2016 has in store for Little Jenna’s? We can’t wait to find out!

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