Little Ondine is the answer to what cosmetic companies have been wrestling with for decades: providing on-trend color combinations for nail style without the harsh chemicals. Their proprietary recipe for water-based nail color is highly-sought after in an increasingly health-conscious market. Billed as easy-to-use and easy-to-peel, Little Ondine nail polish has zero scent, zero hassle and zero need for chemical removal. Health-conscious fashionistas rejoice! This is the nail polish you’ve been waiting for.


When Niko Antonogiannis, Simon Yu and their team of friends decided to start a company together, they were sure they had the right men on the job. As former designers, they knew the concept of Little Ondine would be popular, especially as consumer demand for beautiful products made without harsh chemicals grew. Based on a formula for chemical free paint created nearly a decade earlier, the concept of Little Ondine begin to blossom and quickly became a European nail art sensation. In 2013, Estée Lauder offered to buy their recipe, but Simon Yo, their chief executive and founder, declined. With European sales booming and a U.S. market introduction looming, Little Ondine is proving to be a groundbreaking cosmetic company.


Little Ondine is “poised to be the next big thing,” according to the New York Times. The company, with Niko Antonogiannis at the helm in Great Britain, started from humble beginnings and high hurdles. With initial sales of their no-smell, mineral-based polish launching in China, U.K. and Europe, the group struggled with logistics since traditionally, nail polish can’t be shipped on planes due to its hazardous nature. They worked closely with retailers in Europe and created a marketing campaign targeting women who want fast-drying colors with the option to peel and switch palettes at a moment’s notice. With European sales steadily increasing, and a U.S. introduction on its way, manual bookkeeping had to go. As sales exploded, Niko was spending two full days a month entering sales information into Xero. He needed some relief that only an automated processing solution could offer.

See how Little Ondine used Commerce Sync to focus on growing - no dry time required.