Over the past few months, we've presented ways to ensure your website was in order and some tips to get started on social media. Once you were off to a great start, we covered how to engage customers where they are looking for you. 

Now that you've found the new customers you're looking for, it's time to enhance their in-store experience and see what we can learn from the data.

Enhance the in-store experience

Consider providing Wi-Fi or creating digital beacons for visitors to your brick and mortar.

Hospitality businesses see the biggest benefit in providing Internet access simply because most customers tend to stay longer when they can browse in the Internet. This also gives you an opportunity to create customized content by delivering users directly to your home page.

Beacons are an innovative and affordable way to engage customers in your store. They use Bluetooth signals and can be linked to loyalty programs that reward repeat customers for visiting or shopping. Find out more through Gimbal, Mobiquity, Swirl or Urban Airship.

Examine and learn from data

Website visits, email open rates and social media impressions are all clues to what your customers want. If you’ve been tracking this data for a few months or longer, you can begin to see a clear picture of what your customers love and what they may not.

Are your website visitors or Facebook subscribers spending a lot of time on specific products? Pay attention to these trends when stocking or promoting items.

If you accept mobile payments, this data can be some of the most valuable collected. Mobile payments enhance the in-store shopping experience, plus gauge the ROI of marketing campaigns by tracking customers from the initial interaction through purchase.

2017 will be here before you know it.

If you can manage to employ these six resolutions in 2016, by this time next year you’re going to see a significant difference in the way customers find, communicate and stay in contact with your business.

The sooner you begin to engage customers in new and exciting digital realms, the sooner you’ll be able to collect and analyze data to refine the way you meet their needs in 2017.