Dakota Greens is known for growing beautiful gardens. While they specialize in container gardens, hanging gardens, perennials, trees and shrubs, they always put the customer first and are just as well-known for their friendly, knowledgeable staff. Whether a customer has a green thumb or not, everyone at Dakota Greens is ready to help, which is one of the reasons they have been a staple in the Southern Black Hills area and beyond since 2000.


Jeff Prior always had a passion for growing flowers. What started as a roadside stand in 2000, has grown to become a destination for people in South Dakota and beyond. Jeff and his staff not only grow beautiful flowers, but they spend time with each customer, helping them understand the basics and teaching them how to grow a beautiful garden by using the right mix of flowers and soil. By taking the time to truly get to know who they serve and loving what they do, they have built a base of loyal customers and have been commissioned to provide their stunning hanging baskets for the City of Custer and the Governor’s Mansion.


Being a small business owner in a small county of South Dakota is not easy work – especially when the business is seasonal in nature. Finding customers and new business opportunities can be a challenge and sometimes it’s the little things that are most often overlooked. For Jeff, writing sales by hand was something that he had done since the business was a roadside stand, so he didn’t give much thought to changing his process. One day, while thinking of ways to improve customer experience and increase sales, Jeff wondered if a Point of Sale (POS) system was his answer. With a little research, Jeff decided to upgrade from hand-written receipts to Square.

Find out Dakota Greens increased sales by focusing on their passion instead of manual data entry.