Accounting automation provider Commerce Sync has partnered with Square and Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks, to offer a software application that automatically transfers daily sales information from Square into QuickBooks Desktop.

Drawing on its profound understanding of both Point of Sale (POS) solutions and accounting software, Commerce Sync alleviates the burdensome task of manual accounting for over 8,500 small business owners and saves their average customer 300 hours a year - the equivalent of $15,000 annually. 

“We’re extremely proud of Commerce Sync and the ability it has to help owners focus on their business,” said Charlie Wilson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Commerce Sync.

Commerce Sync transfers Square sales information, including taxable and non-taxable income, split payments, discounts, gift cards, sales tax and refunds – for businesses with one or many locations – into any QuickBooks Desktop account.   

“Our accounting had become a nightmare before Commerce Sync,” said small business owner Lisa Maggio of Central Avenue Paper & Print, “but now we use the time we save to focus on running a successful business.”

“At Intuit, we’re committed to making it easier for small business owners to balance their books so that they can spend more time focused on what they love about running their business,” said Jen Pataki, Director of Marketing, Intuit Developer Group.  “Commerce Sync saves small businesses time by enabling sales transaction data to flow automatically into QuickBooks.”

Commerce Sync can be activated from the Square App Marketplace or the Commerce Sync website.