In January, we started simple with ways to ensure your website was in order and some tips to get started on social media. Now that you're off to a great start, you're ready for the next level. With a solid website in place, you can start thinking more holistically about the overall customer experience and begin engaging customers! 

Meet your customers on a mobile platform

There is a big problem when it comes to shopping on small business websites. A huge amount of web traffic comes from mobile devices, but nearly all of the sites belonging to small businesses are made for desktop computers. They’re bulky, the text can appear minuscule and some of them simply don’t work.

Customers looking for information about your business or the products you sell are using small touchscreens with their own needs when it comes to how menus, images and other features function. If your site doesn’t perform easily on a mobile device, you’re probably going to lose potential customers.

So this year, resolve to create a mobile-friendly, or “responsive” website. Not only will your responsive site look great on a tablet or phone, you’re going to improve your site’s ability to be found in Google searches. If your site isn’t responsive, it won’t rank well in search results, meaning the hours of hard work and effort you put into your website will be for naught.

You can test your website for responsive design by simply plugging in your site address into the browser of a phone or tablet. If you have questions, talk to your website designer. You may have to make some changes, but in the end, the new design will be worth it. 

Level up your digital conversations

The best way to know what your customer want is to directly engage with them. Collect email addresses and send updates every month, quarter or on an as-needed basis. You can also hire someone to create an app for your business so you can send push messages to your customers.

Another direct way to interact is through text messages. Businesses that text their customers spend just pennies per message. This is a great way to get the attention of your loyal customers when you have timely information to share. 

Up next: enhancing your in-store experience and learning from the data.