Dear Reader,

I start by saying, “thank you.” If you are reading this, then you have an interest in making life better for small business owners. I do too.

Quite likely, you are a business owner yourself. You may be in search of more time, allowing you to focus on growing your business rather than constantly administering it. 

Perhaps you are an accountant or advisor to small businesses. You may be in search of technology that enables you to deliver strategic, higher value service to your small business clients. 

Or maybe you are an employee at a technology company. Your company already provides small businesses with one software component – a point-of-sale system or accounting software – but you may be in search of a way to make your software work seamlessly with other software in use by your small business customers.    

No matter your vantage, I share your desire to make life better for small business owners.

As we transition to a new year, like many, I reflect. I write to share – not resolutions for the year ahead – but the foundation upon which we at Commerce Sync serve small business owners. In other words, I write to share our company values.

The phrase “company values” may mean different things to different people. To us, company values speak to who we are. Company values make clear what our employees expect of one another. They also make clear what you – a customer, a partner, or simply a champion for small business – should expect of us.

With that, the Commerce Sync company values:

We are #accountable and we invite accountability

If we commit to it, we deliver it. We take ownership of ideas and initiatives. We like it this way.

 We are #resilient

When adversity knocks us down as it sometimes does, we believe it is most productive to get up and carry on without delay.

 We are #respectful

Simply put, we treat people the way we wish to be treated. We believe we can be courteous and polite, yet still win.

We #believe we can do anything

We love – and live – words like resourceful, entrepreneurial, imaginative, ingenious, inventive, creative, clever, dynamic, bold, daring, and courageous. We exhibit these characteristics. Because of this, we can do extraordinary things.

We are #precise

We care about attention to detail. In fact, we believe it is our competitive advantage. Little things matter in a BIG way. Just ask our customers.

These are the values that define us. They have and will continue to shape what you see from Commerce Sync. As you work with us – and I hope you do – look for us to exhibit these values in everything we do. I hope it makes working with Commerce Sync both easier and a pleasure.

Thanks for reading. Together, let’s make 2016 a great year for small business.


Charlie Wilson
President and CEO, Commerce Sync