Located in Frisco, Texas, Play Street Museum is an educational play center that is like nothing else in town. Catering to young children, it’s a hands-on, creative space that fosters pretend play, imagination and social skills. Kids spend hours playing in the town square and exploring the interactive exhibits – plus each admission comes with a wooden dollar that can be exchanged for a healthy snack. With ample seating, free WiFi and a coffee bar, parents are welcome to join in on the adventure or sit back and relax while their children discover a world that’s just their size.


As a successful business woman and loving mother of four, Courtney Muccio doesn’t often have a lot of spare time in her day, but when she saw a need for creative play opportunities for children in her community she knew she had the passion and determination to create something magical. Courtney had spent many years in early child care and had seen the value of letting children imagine and create without restraints. While she was working on her business degree, she envisioned a place where kids could be free to explore and problem solve on their own. In November 2014, Courtney’s vision came to life and Play Street Museum was open for business. Upon entering, children light up at what lies before them – from Kenny’s Burger Joint (a local Frisco staple) to an Animal Hospital with stuffed puppies and kittens to take care of – each playhouse offers its own unique experience.


Although Play Street Museum was a new venture for Courtney, she was no stranger to business and knew that it would take a good team to be successful. She enlisted her husband, Mike Muccio, to help with the technical aspects and keep things running behind the scenes. Mike knew right away that he wanted to streamline their processes and find the most efficient way to monitor the health of the business so they could not only sustain, but grow.

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