2015 proved to be another year that small businesses supported our community, jobs and economic health. From sales to job creation and keeping cash in local economies, small business owners just like you continue to be the mainstay of our day-to-day lives.

For that, we at Commerce Sync salute you. Although the challenge of running a business on your own can seem difficult at times, the holiday season is the perfect chance to sit back and reflect on a job well done. It takes dedication and thousands of hours of hard work to start and maintain your enterprise, so take a moment and look how far you’ve come.

Over the past year, many of you have faced trials in one form or another, but the proof is in the pudding: small businesses have created more jobs than large businesses over the past few decades. And there are 28 million of you now.

Besides the exceedingly positive statistics, locally-produced goods and mom and pop ventures offer their customers a sense of meaning. From a personalized service to fabulous experiences and handmade goods, small businesses just like yours offer intangible value that can’t be found in a big box store. From you, customers find the unique, personal and lovingly created.

That means a lot to customers, neighbors and friends. They have more faith in small businesses than in the large ones. You contribute more than just what you sell. Shopping local means nurturing the foundations of an economically sound community and breathing life into once forgotten main streets and art districts. From these constructs grow stronger community ties and feelings of belonging.

We hope this busy time of year continues to support your efforts to grow in your community. We also hope you can find joy in the reflections of your year-long contributions. Keep doing what you’re doing – and we will, too.

We’re proud to support the efforts of all kinds of small businesses around the world. It’s so important to us that you can spend more time on what you love by nurturing the passion that sparked your business in the first place.

It’s why we offer the service we do – so that you can sleep soundly knowing your bookkeeping is constantly, securely and accurately reflected in your accounting system each day.  Commerce Sync is happy to give the small business owner a leg up – and extra time – so you can continue to offer jobs, grow and make a difference in your community.

Whether you use Xero or Quickbooks, we automatically ensure your sales information from Clover, Square or Stripe is updated every day. In the hours you save by using Commerce Sync, we hope you take some time to thank yourself, too.

May 2016 bring your prosperity, joy and innumerable gifts – we’re excited to see what we can accomplish together this year!