Twas the Night before Christmas and all through the town, shoppers lovingly whittled their Christmas lists down.

Every wreath was dressed up with lights and fresh holly; all the window decorations made everyone jolly!

Scarves, skirts and gloves hung in windows with care, in hopes last minute shoppers soon would stop there.

Bakers iced Bundt cakes and wrapped them in bows, and young sweethearts bought them for girlfriends and beaus. 

Butchers delivered the last of their hams with a side of green beans and some sweet candied yams.

A young child’s eyes shone bright as he spied a red handmade car with white stripes on the side.

“Santa always knows,” his mother said with a smile, “let’s go inside and look around for a while.”

Inside the busy toy shop, a dad fervently looked for the perfect last presents for Maddy and Chuck.

Some panicked shoppers hustle, others are running, cashiers quickly wrap things and some can’t stop humming.

There’s a few hours left to make Christmas complete. Don’t forget toys for Tommy – and good food to eat! 

In the courtyard a violist played Christmas songs, while a choir approached, and then caroled along.

A crowd of hurried shoppers paused to listen and hear the rich, friendly greetings of true Christmas cheer.

The carolers’ spirits moved hearts young and old, as they huddled and sang classic tunes in the cold.

The carolers who finished their Silent Night song, entered a store and brought their audience along. 

Customers and clerks who were knee-deep in presents looked up from their packages and listened at once.

With warm hearts and voices, the group struck up Noel, inviting the people to sing with them as well. 

When they finished their tune, the whole group was glowing; and sprinkles of snow had turned to drifts a-blowing.

Despite chilly air, they returned to the sidewalk, their notes echoed ‘round crowds and through the city’s blocks.

A shop owner who heard voices bouncing off walls, poked his head out to shout, “Free hot coffee for all!” 

The baristas pulled shots at their boss’ request, making peppermint lattes for each happy guest. 

It didn’t take much for these small shops to spread cheer, after all, they do it every day of the year!

Wishing our customers, partners and friends a very happy holiday season!