Commerce Sync eliminates manual data entry and ensures your books are always accurate and complete, giving you back more time to run your business.


On average, our customers save over 300 hours each year. That’s equal to $15,000 in manual data entry expenses!


Automatically transferring sales information daily eliminates mistakes and gives you peace of mind that your books are accurate and complete.


Make smarter decisions by having reports at your fingertips and keeping track of the financial health of your business.




Commerce Sync automatically transfers your daily sales information as one invoice that captures all sales for the day, with taxes reported as separate line items. Additional features include:

Sales by Category 
Transfer sales information into distinct income accounts based on the categories you’ve created in Square or Clover.

Payment methods
Each payment method you accept, such as cash, check, credit cards or gift cards, is tracked with your sales transfers. Split-payments are also supported.

Gift Cards
Automatic tracking of your gift card sales and redemptions.

Credits and full or partial refunds are transferred as individual records to simplify reconciliation.

Tax Rates
Commerce Sync can easily transfer your tax information - whether you use a single or combined tax rate.

Multiple locations 
Whether you have two or two hundred locations, we will transfer all of your sales information into the same or different QuickBooks or Xero accounts. It’s up to you!

Simple activation
With just a few clicks, you'll be ready to eliminate manual data entry and your sales will begin transferring the very next day.

Your data, your way
Customize your sync to get the sales information you need, the way you need it!

We also transfer: discounts, tips, taxable and non-taxable sales




With full customization options and an impressive array of features, it's easy to see why over 7,000 small businesses trust Commerce Sync to help eliminate manual data entry. Here's what just a few of our customers are saying:

Now I can speak directly from our financial statements an that has helped us grow to two locations in less than a year.  
-Play Street Museum
I'm grateful that we have Commerce Sync. It works seamlessly and it's the easiest part of our accounting.  
-Banana Box Market
The time we've gained back by not having to do manual data entry has allowed us to increase sales by over 25% each quarter.  
-Little Jenna's Grooming
Commerce Sync is a valuable tool that lets us optimize and streamline our business processes as we grow our sales.  



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