Little Jenna’s Grooming is a veteran owned small business located in South Riding, Virginia. They are an appointment only shop, which gives them the opportunity to focus on only one pet at a time  and lets them build trust with each animal they groom. Their outstanding customer service and unique experience for those they serve keeps clients coming back and their four legged customers barking and purring with approval.


Ashleigh and Nathaniel Lopez always had a love for animals and dreamed of one day owning their own business. As a former U.S. Marine, Nathaniel knew he had the discipline to start a new venture and Ashleigh’s skills as a groomer were well matched by her caring nature for all animals. In June 2014, Ashleigh and Nathaniel decided to open Little Jenna’s Grooming (named after their standard poodle) but vowed to do things differently. Dismayed by the practices they had seen at large retailer groomers, they decided to build an appointment only business, which meant they could take the time to get to know each animal and their owner while providing exemplary service. They created an environment to help reduce the stress that pets feel when visiting the groomer (few cages, custom attention, etc.) and decided to enable online booking to make it convenient to schedule an appointment. By fostering relationships with their customers and the community, Little Jenna’s Grooming is able to provide a unique and engaging experience for all they serve.


As a small business, Little Jenna’s Grooming knew they wanted to create a customer experience that was above and beyond what people expected from a grooming salon. Nathaniel and Ashleigh also knew that to be successful, they would need to create and refine their processes to achieve the level of service they wanted to provide each customer. To do this, they wanted to eliminate as many manual processes as possible, including manual data entry. Little Jenna’s Grooming spent several months experimenting with different Point of Sale (POS) systems, but had issues syncing sales information into their QuickBooks Online account with each system they tried.

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