Here at IP Commerce, we believe a company is only as good as the employees who build it. We’re proud to have an incredibly talented team and we’d love for you to get to know our employees a little better.

Meet Charlie Wilson, President & CEO at IP Commerce.

What do you do at IP Commerce?

I guide the overall direction, strategy and shape of the business.  As part of my job, I spend a lot of time with outside groups including, most importantly, our customers.  I talk with business owners and other prospective users of Commerce Sync to understand how small businesses operate today and how owners and others would like to see business function.  Through observation, listening and conversation, I seek to understand how Commerce Sync can help both today and in the future.  I also spend time with several of our enterprise partners such as Intuit, Xero, Clover and others to ensure we have sound alignment and effective distribution of Commerce Sync.

What’s your best work memory?

The best are usually the candid moments with the team, typically outside the office and often over a beverage of some sort.

What is your favorite thing about working here?

I love building something to address and solve what is a genuinely painful aspect of running a small business – and doing so with a great group of people who share that passion.  I’ve learned just how difficult it can be to run a small retail or restaurant business.  I love it when a customer shares his or her appreciation of the product and service we’ve created and offers ideas about how we can make it even better.

Have you ever run your own business before?

Prior to joining the company, I had never run my own business.  Over the years, I became well versed in corporate organizational structures by virtue of my professional choices, but I was pretty disconnected from the realities of small business ownership.  However, my wife has owned a small retail store for well more than a decade.  Upon meeting her, I began to learn what it takes to succeed as a small business owner, and I continue to learn today.

Since joining IP Commerce, I formed and run a small LLC (limited liability corporation), and of course, I continue to share in the joy and burden of small business ownership by association with my wife and her store.

What’s your favorite Denver neighborhood?

LoDo, but only because that’s where I spend most of my time while in town.

Which mobile app do you use the most?

In all honesty, I probably rely on the Safari browser app on my iPhone more than anything else; however, I rely on several apps that allow me to move productively through my day, including Living Earth, Google Maps, Domo and my banking app.

What would you sing at karaoke night?

Would it be cliché to say, “Don’t Stop Believin’?”  In all seriousness, for the sake of humanity, I should not be singing anything at karaoke night.

What’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on?

I have several fond memories.  The best have one or more of the following attributes:  visiting new places, seeing smiles and laughter on the face of my family and golf.