Green Envy Garden and Gifts is a whimsical garden shop and the source for uncommon garden and houseplants in Albany, Georgia. From the custom arrangements to their unique gift shop offerings (everything from local art pieces to fun planters), the store is an instant hit with everyone who walks through the door. If that weren’t enough, they offer outstanding customer service and an immense depth of knowledge to those they serve.


Ann Lewsader and Rodney Wilson met one day while working at a local garden center in Albany, Georgia. The two quickly hit it off and as their friendship bloomed, they often spoke about one day running their own business. As fate would have it, the garden center they were working for fell on hard times and made the decision to close its doors. While Ann and Rodney were helping wind things down, the idea again surfaced for them to open their own business. With their knowledge of gardening and the support of their families, Green Envy Garden and Gifts opened its doors in March 2012. From the beginning, Ann and Rodney decided they would set themselves apart by carrying a unique array of garden and gift items that weren’t readily available at any other store in Albany. In addition, they focused on creating an outstanding customer experience to build trust and drive repeat business.


Opening a business can be a costly endeavor; Ann and Rodney were fortunate enough to purchase some of their equipment from the previous owners to help save on costs. At first, the old system seemed to work fine, but as time went on, they were less than impressed with the service they were receiving and were ready for an upgrade. They connected with a Clover Business Consultant and were excited by the promise of a sleek new point of sale system that came with an automated accounting app that would transfer sales directly into their QuickBooks Desktop account.

Learn more about how Green Envy Garden & Gifts saves time and money by using Commerce Sync to automate their accounting.