La Vita Bella Coffeehouse is a destination that’s fun and exciting, yet somewhere that people are treated as an old friend and can be truly comfortable. Their Espresso beverages are hand-crafted from a blend of Arabica and Ethiopian beans that are among the most sought-after and highest-quality available. Pair that with a friendly staff, live bands, home-baked treats and iconic movie marathons and it’s easy to see why Longmont, Colorado residents clamor to spend time at this downtown hot spot.


Close friends Kaylene Brown and Chris and Lysha Doss knew they wanted to be part of something different and were excited when the opportunity to open a local coffeehouse was presented to them through mutual friends and investors. Things were great at the start, but as time passed, the original intention was slowly fading and so with sadness, Kaylene, Chris and Lysha departed the business. Time passed and they all moved on, but as luck would have it, they were given the opportunity to purchase La Vita Bella jumped at the chance. At last, Kaylene, Chris and Lysha were able to fulfill their original vision – creating a place where everyone is treated like family and are welcomed when they walk through the door – in addition to serving amazingly good coffee and home baked indulgences.


Now able to run things their way, Kaylene, Chris and Lysha focused on re-creating their initial vision. The previous owners had been using an iPad to complete customer purchases, which was functional, but they were quickly outgrowing its capabilities. Kaylene was also manually entering all of the sales information each day into their QuickBooks Online account, which was becoming a tedious and time consuming task as the business flourished.

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