No restaurant owner wants to spend hours poring over spreadsheets and manually managing their books, but it’s an important part of running a business and keeping track of profitability. In the past, owners only had manual data entry, which took away valuable time and led to costly mistakes. Today, they can use Commerce Sync to automatically transfer daily sales information from a Clover device to any QuickBooks or Xero account.

While the concept is easy to understand, the ability to translate between entrenched data domains, such as POS systems and accounting software, is a complex process, and other attempts have failed due to underestimating the intricacies of the systems. Commerce Sync was built on the foundation of not only a deep understanding of POS systems, but also a vast knowledge of accounting software. This allows us to act as a translator between two systems that would be otherwise unable to communicate.

One example of successful accounting integration using Commerce Sync is Mountain Java, a friendly neighborhood coffee shop in McCall, Idaho. Located by the beautiful Payette Lake, it’s a friendly, community-focused place where locals love to hang out, and tourists wait in line for unique drink creations.

From its Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Espresso to the Ham and Swiss Pull Aparts they serve fresh, Mountain Java keeps it local by sourcing from area roasters and bakeries. Although there is often a line out the door, Mountain Java takes the time to really understand each customer and provide more than just a caffeine fix for those they serve.

In order to be successful, the owners of Mountain Java knew they needed to automate their accounting to not only save time, but also to determine their cost of goods sold on a monthly basis. By tracking the numbers, they can accurately determine which items are the most profitable and decide on new product offerings.

Having this information at their fingertips also allows the owners to determine specials on the fly while projecting profitability at the same time. Sales of coffee, pastries, sandwiches and other items are tracked automatically in separate QuickBooks income accounts. By utilizing the sales by category feature in Commerce Sync, they gain greater insight into the different lines of their business and can adapt and change course much more quickly than if they were relying on manual data entry.

Mountain Java went from relying on spreadsheets and manual data entry to saving over 40 hours each month by using Commerce Sync. That’s equal to a savings of $24,000 a year!

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