Second Chance Retail is a discount store in the heart of Pitman, New Jersey offering brand new furniture and refurbished appliances at below retail pricing. They pride themselves in offering outstanding customer service and quality products that local residents are not able to find at big box retailers while staying true to the community and its values.


John Rainey Jr. and Angela Milano knew they wanted to escape the unpredictability of working for someone else one day, but they didn’t know when they might get the opportunity. As they thought about the future, John knew he wanted to offer the local residents of Pitman a quality product at an affordable price and thus the idea for Second Chance Retail was born. The storefront opened in November 2014 and Angela quickly began running things behind the scenes, including managing the books and inventory. As she spent more and more time at the store, Angela started interacting with customers and really getting to know everyone in the small community.


As the business grew, Angela became inundated with manual data entry – spending more than 10 hours a week pouring over spreadsheets and making sure the invoices and inventory from their Clover POS system were properly reflected in their QuickBooks Online account. She longed for a way to streamline the accounting process and free up time to spend with her family and customers.

Learn more about how Second Chance Retail saves 40 hours a month automating Clover and QuickBooks Online.