Today marks an exciting day for those of you who want to save time and money with accounting automation. We are pleased to announce that we have unveiled some exciting new features and functionality to Commerce Sync! Over the last year, small business owners have recognized the timesaving and error-minimizing benefits of Commerce Sync. In fact, Commerce Sync saves the average small and medium-sized business (SMB) 300 hours a year – equivalent to $15,000 annually.

U.S. small and medium sized businesses spend billions of hours each year managing their finances. We built Commerce Sync to relieve business owners of this burden by reducing the time spent on manual data entry and increasing the accuracy of their financial accounting.

Commerce Sync is a software application that transfers sales information, including taxable and non-taxable income, tips, discounts, sales tax and refunds – for businesses with one or many locations – into any QuickBooks or Xero account. Commerce Sync is available to business owners that use either Stripe or Clover POS for accepting payments.

With the ultimate goal of helping small business owners succeed, we have spent the last year listening to our customers’ feedback and making innovative enhancements to the product. To our current customers, thank you for sharing your invaluable observations and to prospective users, we hope you will take advantage of these great new features!

Here’s a quick peek at the new feature rich re-launch of Commerce Sync:

  • Sales by Category
  • Multi-tax support for Xero
  • Credits and Refunds

So, why wait? Empower yourself today to get back to what really matters – growing your business.