Mike Harbour Golf is a 10,000 square foot indoor golf facility in Johnston, Rhode Island offering residents the opportunity to refine their golf game all year round despite the long New England winters. The state-of-the art facility boasts 12 hitting bays, along with ES14 Launch Monitors that are offered providing information to improve your golf game. Lessons, clinics and monthly or seasonal memberships are available, and the facility is home to Tamburini Golf Performance Training.


Mike and Pat Harbour had a dream: running their own business, doing what they love most, and controlling their own time. Mike is a seasoned golf professional with 25 years under his belt as a Class “A” PGA Member and numerous prestigious awards including New England Golf Instructor of the Year. Something related to golf just seemed to make sense. For many years, the Harbous split their time between Rhode Island and Palm Springs, California, where Mike spent his time giving lessons and clinics across the country. The couple once owned an outdoor driving range, but realized the limitations of sustaining a successful business with a limited season. They wanted to settle on the East Coast and saw a need to offer golf to the residents in their community year round. On December 4, 2014, the state-of-the art facility known as Mike Harbour Indoor Golf Center opened its doors and is the only one of its kind in the area.


While running your own business has its perks, it is a huge commitment and can take up the majority of one’s time. The couple has owned businesses in the past and was therefore all too familiar with some of the challenges they faced. “You take on a risk with your savings and are on seven days a week without a lot of help.” Although Pat is no rookie when it comes to running the numbers. Working as a full-time bookkeeper for a manufacturing company, a CAP firm during tax season and their own business in the golf season, she is accustomed to QuickBooks products. In the past she would spend up to two hours a night manually entering data into their accounting software...she knew that doing things manually was no longer an option.

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