Whether it’s the favorite coffee shop or the cozy local toy store, small businesses are the beating heart of your community. Your friends and neighbors, the hard working people who own and operate our favorite businesses, do so out of love for what they do. This holiday season, the season of giving and sharing, offers small businesses the opportunity to shine like twinkle lights. From the shops around the corner to the bakery that makes the gingerbread that almost passes as homemade at your office party, holiday cheer is powered by small businesses. As consumers are bringing their buying power home, they are showing their collective support for the businesses that sink roots into their communities. With their friendly service, devoted product quality and a commitment to the community, these small businesses make customers feel good about supporting the small enterprise.

But the magic of the small businesses doesn’t happen overnight. A fully-realized business won’t arrive delicately wrapped on your doorstep, even if you were good all year long. The hard-working owners and operators of these small-but-mighty operations devote thousands of hours of thought and labor to making their dreams a reality and bringing their dream to market. Developing a product, maintaining production and keeping the books is a hefty endeavor, which is why Commerce Sync aims to lighten the load of the entrepreneur.

This holiday season, let Commerce Sync empower your small business by quietly syncing your daily sales data with your accounting solution. Whether your small business uses a Clover Station or other point of sale/eCommerce  solution, if you employ QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online or Xero for accounting, Commerce Sync can save you valuable time and eliminate potentially expensive errors. At Commerce Sync, we want small businesses to focus on what they do best, and let us handle the rest.

A very happy holidays to all the small business owners, entrepreneurs, go-getters and number crunchers. We can’t wait to see what your small business accomplishes in 2015.