More small and medium businesses everyday are turning to Xero for their accounting needs. A powerful accounting tool, Xero is designed for volumes of up to 1,000 invoices per month. As we know, Xero also places a hard limit of 1,000 invoices, payments and related records per day. For flourishing businesses, this limit is a deal breaker.

Commerce Sync can help. Rather than transferring daily sales information one record at a time, we support the transfer in the form of a Daily Summary. This rolls up all of your day’s sales into a single invoice written to Xero. The invoice includes everything: taxable sales, non-taxable sales, discounts, tips and more. Similarly, each tender type you accepted for the day is transferred as a distinct rolled-up payment (e.g., Cash Payments, Credit Card Payments etc) applied to the summary invoice.

The net effect on your Chart of Accounts is the same as if each sale were transferred and recorded individually. What’s more, using Daily Summary requires no additional cost or setup. For Xero users, we like to think Commerce Sync turns “deal breaker” into “no brainer."